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The unspecific Mouse Thread

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I sometimes get new insights, ideas or just mice related stuff i want to share with people, such i feel not worth to open an extra thread for it. And I'd like to have this thread to be for anybody who likes to do the same. If it turns out dying or being akward, then it is what it is.

So well, I got one thought about the sides of mice in the matter of flat sides vs outward angled (IMO, Zowie AM), the / \ - shape. The outward angle has two advantages. First the ring finger placement. Then the preciseness. It's like with the analog stick of the PS3 controller vs Xbox 360 one. The PS3 is round which allows for finer adjustments because you're pushing it from a 45° angle, unlike the Xbox one in which you place your thumb in between it and push it from inside. I really feel there is a slight similarity when using the IMO. The reason is that if you press from an angle above you press the stick slightly down, it gets more weight, but not too much. Same with the mouse. A 90g mouse turns into a 300g+ one. That is one of the reasons the IntelliMouseOptical is special.

I really don't expect a reply, i am just content with this written down and maybe some people being interested in this. So feel free, it's our thread. Just leave the F-word out please, gotta keep it on overclock.net quality standards. wink.gif
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The Unspecific Mouse Thread

Hmm, do not worry! I will make use of this! yessir.gif
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Good to hear. And if nobody would, then hopefully i do. smile.gif

Oh yeah, title suggestions are welcome haha
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Thread name suggestion: "The Random Unspecific Mouse Thread" would make the thing more generally. tongue.gif (jk)

Lately i have swapped the kingsis/avago sensor-led holder with a logitech one + 1.0x lense - original viper was 1.25x. The result is a higher lod + tracks on everything i have tested so far. I wonder how the Savu would respond to this.

Picture! (Click to show)

tl:dr: different angle = higher lod/better surface detection! redface.gif At least in this case.
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There we go. "The Random Mouse Thread." Thanks for that. "Unspecific" was really weird. It sounded alienating. Random sounds inviting and lax.
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^ winksmiley.jpg

Savu + Sensei = Savsei: Mousebuttons 1-5 and wheel ^v.
Pictures! (Click to show)

This time i did not any weight optimization - mostly top shell part, native weight 24g -> with cutting ~17g, or even lower* - this results in mouse1/2 buttons needing less preasure.

*at cost of shell stability. Tbh i had never issues with my Xavu version.
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Lol, just when i was like "what to do with my Sensei and Savu."

Which tool did you cut it with?
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Dremel 4000. Awesome tool!
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Originally Posted by Thunderbringer View Post

First attempt with the 0.5x lense:
pictures! (Click to show)

Dpi steps: blue 750 dpi; purple 370; red 150. The lod is very low. It is important, that the sensor height is already low (kingsis lense design?). I do not expect other mice (DA, Savu etc.) to work with this lense.

Performance! (Click to show)

Edit: Tests with SS NP+ and Func 1030.

I have discovered (accidently) a mechanical way , to adjust the LOD efficiently - while exchanging the kingsis sensor-LED-magnifier with a avago one, i have missed to fix/glue it properly. It is fixed at the led side, but is movable (~1mm) at sensor side. details/pics! (Click to show)
left: Avago / right: Kingsis

Low LOD = This is how the magnifier actually should be (horizontally) = 1cd + wmo feet

High LOD = >2cd/<3cd + wmo feet

The performance is not affected, 1000hz this time and same pads as above:

Edit: Measured cpi (blue setting) with various mats is 650. At this point, I have no clue what influences what anymore. I am happy with the result. The magnifier is set at high lod and glued stone solid. There is only one negative sideeffect:
It tracks well on every pad i have including wood, except for glass (with 1.0x lense it worked well). Looks weird, to say the least:
Icemat & speed! (Click to show)

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I appreciate the CM attempt to invent new shape/design, but the Recon shape does not please me. I have only one shell where the recon pcb fits in, without having to cut or solder something.. Can you guess it?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
CM Recon + Razer Lachesis = Lachecon! / or Resis biggrin.gif

Ps. The wheel encoder almost screwed up everything this time (where the piece of tape is). No sidebuttons. ~84g.
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