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Just in theory so far: an as small and light as possible high performance mouse. For begining only left and right mouse button and sensor + lense/led. The "idea" is, you connect your mouse to your pc and leave it somewhere (near to you) as a station. The small mouse that you will use in your hand is connected through a cable that ends in the station.

So the biggest contra points are, that you need to attach the cable to your arm, that connects the two devices. Plus the small mouse itself must be fixed to the fingers, see below. The second point is maybe optional?

Specs: Razer Abyssus with two buttons in a matchbox (the matchbox here is only for demonstration purpose). Also the small switches need more preassure. This is intention because i can imagine unintentionally clicking -> Finger-palm-mouse?
MbM (Click to show)

What do you guys think?
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I just can't seem to understand and imagine what you explained. Not that my opinion matters, but maybe others are with me in this.
Originally Posted by Thunderbringer View Post

I appreciate the CM attempt to invent new shape/design, but the Recon shape does not please me. I have only one shell where the recon pcb fits in, without having to cut or solder something.. Can you guess it?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
CM Recon + Razer Lachesis = Lachecon! / or Resis biggrin.gif

Ps. The wheel encoder almost screwed up everything this time (where the piece of tape is). No sidebuttons. ~84g.

84g Lachesis with 3090... want biggrin.gif

Enough! I want to buy a Dremel now. Need my Senvu first.
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This is approximately how it would look like:

Enough! I want to buy a Dremel now. Need my Senvu first.

Hehe! biggrin.gifcheff.gif
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Though i have used a IMO1.1 and a WMO for years, i have not noticed until now that they share different sensor height. You have to cut the IMO1.1 switch pcb if you want to keep the original height, when using a Deathadder PCB.

IMO1.1+DA3G(GW Edition)=DAimo3G


- IMO1.1 shape with DA3G sensor
- 5 Buttons (sidebuttons both at left side)
- mech. wheel encoder (also taken from DA)
- 92grams
Daimo3G! (Click to show)

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Yo, just finished my working table and thought, maybe there's some new motivation from you. And there we go.
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I like the idea of a "Finger-palm-mouse".

For me it would be not the right thing, because I would like to use thumbbuttons.
So the benefit having the pcb outside the housing, would be not so great.

Attachiching the cable and maybe the mouse to you arm is a great idea. I always think it would be nice
to do that with a normal mouse too.

I am very excited about the project. Please keep us up to date.
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The problem is, how to attach the finger-palm to the fingers..? One possibility is to take on finger gloves with velcro. A mechanical way, of pinching the fingers can not be comfortable in the long run.(?) But turning the matchbox by 90 degrees, results in a very short and (~55-60mm) thick claw/fingertip mouse, where sidebuttons should be no problem in general (design question). ot.. tongue.gif

Since my AM sadly passed away - and i have really enjoyed it as my viper+0.5x lense combination - i need a "replacement".. biggrin.gifDA3.5G&0.5x lense! (Click to show)

Measured sensitivity @1800 step is ~950. The LOD (without feet) is ~2mm. Does not work with glass anymore, just like the AM with 0.5x. I guess the lack of precision (sensor LED magnifier is not connected to the sensor lense) is the reason for this. SS qck, NP+ and Mantis Speed used above. What is missing now is a switch PCB..
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sick mice.
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@ Thunderbringer
very nice.

Maybe this could be used in some way:
mouse ears by Mrinterface

Your projects inspire me. I think about a little 2-Button thumb modul. That could easily attached to a mouse.
So you could you this with a mouse w/o thumb buttons or even with bad buttons.

I think for me it is the best, to have these button as mousebuttons 4 and 5. So x-key could recognize and program them.

I will follow your matchbox idea. I will put the addon mouse in "the station". The additional required cable could be fix to the normal cable.

For the buttons I will use Cherry ML switches. Nice mechanical switch with lower travelway than Cherry MX switches.
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It's alive!
Deathkrait0.5x! (Click to show)
3x Omron + ALPS encoder (obviously the better choice amongst mechanical encoders).

I like the PCB colour (something different - Sensei switch pcb), not that it matters.

A wheel LED would be possible (DA BE here in use - the first pin). However i do not have a pure green LED atm, so lights are out. A ON/OFF switch would be necessary since the software does not support it.

Sidebuttons without switches, again the patience.. rolleyes.gif

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