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another twee twee sixtee abortion

What in the name of sweet, sweet buggery...
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Confession: I actually like watching RocketJumpNinja's video, like, if you take it as just any other person describing how he feels when using the mouse in practice, it is a good, clear data point out of the population.
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hello and this is lie

there is no perfect mouse

here are some random measurements

can I aim?


should you buy it?


here I compare a 3366 to the most responsive mouse, the deathadder

deathadder is better but 3366 is okay

thanks for watching and send me more mice to review
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That's why you filter out what he is presenting as objective facts, just just focus on his description on how he feels when using it.
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Well, RJN fills the correct niche area. No overanalyzing like reviews in here and not a glorified unboxing video like what Linus, Hardwarecanucks etc. do, just something from the middle to provide decent reviews for semi-mouse-interested people. What I've seen, he at least tends to say something like "I'm not sure why" and uses "it feels" rather than "it is", which, even if it isn't perfect, is still a lot better than claiming subjective nonsense as objective facts.
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Originally Posted by uaokkkkkkkk View Post

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another twee twee sixtee abortion


Jöllenbeck GmbH demonstrating again how far they have gotten since 1998.

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hmmm if i set the debounce to 63ms i'll never have double clicks! muwahhahahaha

0ms-255ms debounce slider wooooooo
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Knowledgeable people help me! I made myself a new mousepad today. It's just a frosted piece of clear acrylic and I've stuck some 3M rubber feet on it.

Now, I've tested multiple mice on it but I need to try a bunch more. First off, I tried the Kana V1 due it arriving at the same time as the acrylic and it tracks perfectly fine. I then tried the KPM (with and without calibration) and, while it worked, it negs like an MLT04. I then tried a G100s, G1 and WMO and all of them failed miserably. Now, here's the funny part, I tried the FK2 on 'original mode' and it worked perfectly. How come the calibrated 3310 in the KPM didn't work very well while this did? Also, I tried the G303 and it worked fine but occassionally it would completely fail to register a swipe. The G303's LOD was uber low but the Revel's was 'nice' low. Could it be that the LOD of the G303 was sometimes lower than the distance to the pad?

Edit: Okay, turns out nothing tracks properly on it tongue.gif All the mice that work on it have some small amount of variance similar to laser based mice
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"heh this will only take 5 minutes to do."


i swear the n50 will do the 16ms thing if it so much as thinks the sensor is being lifted. it's quite dumb.

everything seen here is pretty much a last resort to get it to stop freaking doing it.

result this time? 0.001-0.1ms difference between the two.

ahhhhhhh~ at least i was bored when i did this. whatever.
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Well, how did you try to get it to stop doing it?

From the MLT04 I know there's a chicken-and-egg kind of deal with the low-strobe powersave mode. Normally when the system stops detecting movement for 2 seconds or so it enters a power saving mode with low-duty cycle on the LED (600Hz or something IIRC). This means it also forces the framerate/shutter clock/other things down and could potentially (didn't show up in test results) affect initial tracking responsivity. Well, if you shine a second static light source onto the sensor, the LED does not enter low-strobe, indicating that the system does not enter powersave even though there is no movement. ...So I re-soldered the LED to the back-LED contact where there's constant DC. Again, no difference in the test results show up, but I have to assume that the constant-on LED prevents the system from entering powersave.

The same could be possible with the lift-off detection? Maybe there's something the mouse does when it is in lift-off that you can force it not to do, and in turn it will not enter lift-off mode?

Just an idea, mainly just curious what you did to try and get it to stop that. Tape?
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