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Hi all,
I bought an Acer Aspire and a 7950 to put in it a few months ago and it came with Windows 8 preinstalled.
I had an issue for the first couple of months that I used Win8 that was sending me mental.
I couldn't view properties of Network adapters.
I couldn't copy into or remove files from any folders within Program Files (TS3 Skins etc) it would act like it was doing my bidding, even to the point of showing a progress bar for the copy then say complete, but no change in files.
I was unable to allow programs through firewall.
CLSID Errors

I did refreshes, I did repairs, I did complete reinstalls, restore to factory settings etc.
In the end the cause of my problems was the Catalyst Control Centre Uninstall Tool. It was (I guess) damaging my registry. CCC was not seeing my graphics card and wouldn't update so the first thing I was doing was removing then installing a fresh version of CCC.

SO if you are having any of these symptoms and have used this tool, this could be the cause of your woes.
I am now using Start is Back and actually love Win8 now, completely avoiding metro though!

Just putting this solution out there as I had no lucking finding this answer when it was p**sing me off. Hopefully it helps someone.

See ya