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MY GPU is super quiet supposed. GTX 660 CU II.

I just wish the Define Mini was a bit smaller. THe specs indicate that it's rather big, which leads me to go for the r4.

What I want is a basic, black, sleek looking windowed case. Something that looks really professional. I'm considering the Corsair 350d but I need 3 or 4 hard drive bays. Maybe it's possible to convert one of the optical bays into a 3.5 HHDD.

But, getting the metal cut on the define mini seems easy. I'm not sure how to do the window install now.

The 350d now that I think about it should be more than ample for your build. If it ends up being too loud for some reason you could always add sound dampening material. For HDD's you could always consolidate with a large 2Tb drive or get a 5.25" adapter like this, which would actually look really sleek in the 350d.