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Damn... this keeps happening to me. RAID 0 will work fine, I set up all sorts of VM's and stuff then I reboot and the drive (d:\ in my case) either doesn't appear or it appears and I can't write to it... ie, it goes offline). Not sure what to do.

My setup:
Ports 1-4: SSD on port 1 (OS Only)
Ports 2-3: 2 HDD's (D:\ Drive in RAID 0)
Ports 5-6: 1 DVD Player (IDE)

I've tried switching the HDD's around and moving them throughout ports 1-4 and it seems not to matter. I've also re-installed the catalyst drivers and that doesn't help.

Anyone else experience this? I've got the M5A97 2.0 board. I also turned off SMART and that didn't help. Not sure what else to do here. There are several drivers on the asus download page too. There is the chipset download and a separate raid driver download. I see several different versions (hseries, 8xxx, & 7xxx). Also in those folders (and I'm running 2012 Server x64) I see folders with an "_SRV" next to it... is that server drivers?


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