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BTW when you get your next board you should build it outside the case and test it, also try this one outside the case anyways, you know? if you are going to take it out you might as well test it and make sure it isnt a short of any kind.

Hey Sin smile.gif Thank you. Should I disable the ports I'm not using, like that Atheros port and the two Wifi connections? I realized I was using the non-Intel port, so I shut down my system, unplugged the router and modem, let them sit for a while, then plugged the Ethernet cable to the Intel port and turned on the modem and router. Only when those were active a while did I turn on the computer. Now, I don't seem to be having any issues, and I've done some large downloads.

Now, the audio always works as intended. IIRC the first time the audio glitched was when I used a USB headset. For some reason that made the audio output disappear, and when I put in headphones to the audio jack, my motherboard wouldn't recognize that. But this has been a pretty puzzling experience too. And I found out just now that TW's cable was buggy and crashing since 12:35 pm Saturday, which was when I started accessing the Internet. So there are a lot of odd little things that sum to a big mess.

I can easily RMA this board just to be on the safe side and do the initial POST outside, and after all of this, I really do want to be on the safe side. This Mobo did a successful POST this way. It was the Internet and Audio issue that was off. But I can do it again just to see if it will POST before I send it back and replace it. I know when I installed the Hydro that I used two washers so the posts would be tight. Without them the backplate was a little wobbly, but I didn't tighten the screws super hard either, so I don't think that would have caused a short, and that's the only thing I can think of that I did that might be considered *different?* But one of the OCN gods/goddesses could look at my build and in seconds tell me *Oh man. Look at this!* hehe. I'm not even near to that point of knowledge yet.

Anymore thoughts or suggestions? You and Blyss have helped me so much. I thank you very much, and I greatly appreciate all of your time and energy helping me with my issues. That so close so far feeling really is beyond exasperating lol. But I'm learning how to read a motherboard manual and now know where things are a lot better than before, such as where the Intel Ethernet port is haha. And I had to look up NIC to find it meant Network Interface Card. All good stuff! I wish there were OCN meetups in cities smile.gif It'd be great to get together with other builders and tech lovers!