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Solved problems with CPU reseat?

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Hey guys, working on an HP Elite 410F for a friend, its an AM3 mATX system with a 1045T CPU. Its been crashing on him constantly, blue screens, etc. He said the first two memory slots failed almost 2 years ago so he removed 4GB of the 8GB it had in there. It has also been burning out graphics cards every few months.

Anyways, I got it today and it wouldn't even POST, it would just sit with the fans running and no display or USB power. I tried various things like swapping the PSU just to be safe, RAM, hard drives unplugged, etc.

Nothing would work so I pulled the CPU and re-applied some new TIM after cleaning it up, lo and behold it booted right up ready to rock, and all four memory slots are working. Could it have just been a bad contact on some pins causing I/O errors or something? I've seen reseating fix problems on Intel LGA boards with the stupid bendy pins but I can't seem to remember ever having it work on an AMD machine.
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Hmmm, that doesnt seem likely. When you say burning out GPU's every few months, that definitely does not sound like a problem with the CPU seating. That makes me think the power supply is faulty. On the other hand, half the RAM slots not working and now are, well that doesnt sound like a PSU problem but rather one like there was a bent pin or something like that.

Id still look at swapping out that power supply. Get a cheap but quality replacement like the Corsair CX430 which is usually around $35-40 or something similar.
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Yeah, I jumped the gun too. After about 30 minutes of P95 it restarted itself and now its back to the same as it was before, 2 slots not working. I think its the crap HP motherboard to be honest, I've seen nothing but problems with any of the AMD mATX boards in their machines for the past 5 or 6 years.

I do have an Antec 350W PSU that I can toss in there over the cheap bestec 300W but the damage seems to be done already.
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Youre probably right then if the RAM slots are taking a dump on you. Only way I can think a power supply would affect that is if it had fried them with a surge or low-volting maybe but since they were working, that kinda rules that out. Bad motherboard frying video cards though does sound unusual, but I think youre onto it.
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