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nice x79 mobo?

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hey guys, right now i have a asus p9x79 LE in my rig. i wanted to upgrade the mobo because im buying a 3930k in the somehat near future. (running a 3820 now). wanted to know what was a good mobo in the x79 series. ive been mostly looking at asus and the sabertooth caught my eye.

and what i was kinda leaning on was this one since the price was more in my range


i heard the rampage extreme was really nice, but how does the gene compare to it?

i usually only run 1 gpu at a time, and no more then 16gb of ram so no worry to really neeed a 64 gb spot.

anyone else have any opinions on a good x79? something that will at least be a step up from my p9x79 le.
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From what I have read and from experience the Asus boards are good. but I have found for the price the AsRock boards are better. Maybe you should take a look at them. I know they are good overclockers and have nice features...
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