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Hello fellow OCN,

I got the new BenQ XL270T and love it! It is a nice switch out from my Crossover 27 whenever I want to game on a 120hz/3D just switch to the BenQ. I had a question regarding sharpness. The BenQ goes from 0-10 and I love 10! but it is a little to high so I am at "8". Is this just a personal preference setting or is it better to have softer edges. For me the sharpness at "8" just puts the extra "detail" into the game objects/players that make it all the more real.

The monitor is so new that I am not sure a thread has started on OCN I have yet found one. I have only found one for the little brother XL240T.

Any feedback regarding sharpness would be great or some calibrated profiles someone might have saw somewhere.