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i am pretty sure i had a bios issue. a few days ago with the old bios i wasnt stable @4,5 ghz. now with the newest bios and some cmos resets i am even on 4,7 ghz 100% stable.
i cant get to 4,8 tho i think its also the bios.
a few years ago i bought sandy bridge on release and most stable was about 4,6 ghz and after a few months and a new bios with better options 5 ghz was no problem

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lol, AIDA64 doesnt even stress my pc. i watched youtube all the time and surfed the web felt like pc is in idle biggrin.gif

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I see you have a UDH4, what BIOS do you use?
I have just downloaded the F6j for my UDH5 but it didnt make any difference.
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Originally Posted by Terraformer View Post

I see you have a UDH4, what BIOS do you use?
I have just downloaded the F6j for my UDH5 but it didnt make any difference.

i use GA-Z87X-UD4H - F6h
i also switched PSUs twice so mainboard was off power a while maybe that also fixed something.

i will try 4,8 ghz later on and i will post my current 4,7 ghz stable settings
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Well, something was DEFINATELY wrong with the bios settings, you were right, thanks!

I am not sure yet if this is stable, I just punched in some numbers and I am here atm with 4.7 Ghz.
Still low memory tho.

I could see something was wrong with the BIOS as booting was taking really long... so long i was thinking it was hanging.
This completely was solved after the first BIOS reset.
So what I did..
Reflashed F6i..
Reset it with the button on the mobo.
Reflashed F6j..
Reset it again with the button on the mobo.
And here I am..

Also I noticed before the reset, the clocks are not so strange anymore, I was never able to get a 100 Mhz bclk, always something like 99.55 or 99.68 something like that.
Now a nice and smooth 100 Mhz.
Another sign that I could see that something was wrong was GTL was giving me weird numbers as well. Which now also works again.

So now maybe I can start fresh with a normal working board lol..
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So if im keeping my memory at stock speed and settings, would altering - VCCSA, VIOD & VIOA make my OC anymore stable??

Also for a 4.6-4.7 OC where do we want to be look at for the uncore setting?

Also any ideas wht my BCLK is show as zero....

I know CPU Ring voltage is to help stabilise the uncore freq, so higher uncore needs more CPU Ring voltage, but is the VRIN also to do with the uncore as well??
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@ Blockaboots, I spoke about it in the post just before yours. smile.gif
Bclk at 00 and when you set it at 100 or whatever else, nothing changes.
Just one big mess.. I solved it by reflashing bios and resetting it with the button on the main board.

btw As you have also an UDH5, there is a new BETA bios now, F6j.

I was wondering the same thing, I don't really think you need to bump it with low memory speed and sub 5ghz OC.
The L3 cache however is also controlled by the IMC, L3 cache does increase alot because of upping the multi's.
So in theory the IMC will lag behind and might need a bump.. But I have tried this and noticed no stability gain at all from it.
I leave it at auto...

In Sid's guide however he mentions about giving it a 0.025v bump but i tried that and gained nothing from it.
So i dunno...

At the moment I am testing 4.7 Ghz with a low Uncore of 37.
I could prolly set it higher but I am still ruling out wether or not that i need vcore or something else.
I guess ideal would be around 40 uncore with 4.7 Ghz. It is my goal that i got in my head anyway.
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Ok ill try the latest BIOS version.

Regarding the VRIN voltage, SIN says that Intel recommends it should be set to 0.4v above what ever the vcore is, so it my vcore is 1.230v i should be setting the VRIN at 1.630v?? VRIN voltage has no effect on the uncore setting right?

As atm i have set uncore as default 35, and am just trying to see what voltage i need for a 4.6Ghz OC and am just adjusting the vcore and VRIN voltages, but im not sure if increasing the VRIN over the 0.4v+ of whatever the vcore is set at actually makes a difference or not??
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Yes it makes a big difference.

Vrin is the voltage to the voltage regulator on the die.
The VRM regulates the voltage to the cores.

You see in Sid's guide that he talks about loss of power when applying more voltage to the cores.
This 0.4 difference may count for stock core voltages, but when applying more voltage to the cores, means there is more loss in the VRM that needs more voltage thru Vrin.

So for example, 1.4v Vcc might need 2.1 Vrin while 1.070v Vcc only needs 1.5v Vrin.
The harder the cores will pull current from the VRM on the die, the more the VRM will want from the VRMs on the mainboard. And you do that by increasing Vrin.

Hope i am clear with explaining.
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Ok thanks. Just update the BIOS to F6j, and reset the bios, but still BCLK reads zero in TweakLauncher frown.gif
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