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Is Prime a lot tougher to run than AIDA 64? I'm not talking about heat, just for actual cpu stressing. Testing an OC I got nearly 10hrs AIDA no problem, started up Prime95, BSOD in 15 min. No temps above 70C

From what I've tested so far (not much) it's looking like to get Prime stable, will severely gimp the max OC, than by using AIDA/other stress tests. I still have a lot of testing to do, just wondering if I should even bother with Prime95.

Nevermind, currently reading about this in the other Haswell OC thread... Haswell seems to be a quirky beast tongue.gif
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Hello. I posted this with the other Haswell guide too.

It's been awhile since I messed with my CPU. I've been at a happy 4.5Ghz @ 1.295v for a long while now. I am currently waiting for my GPU to get RMA'd and decided to take the down time to fiddle some more and try to squeeze some more out of my CPU. I seem to have a VERY picky Uncore. Anything over 40x multi seemed to have trouble so I just left it at 34.

Well I wanted to try to see if I could get close to a 1:1 ratio and It seems to boot and do OK with 1.220v. But I get an occasional PC freeze or just today running x264 on loop I got a 124x GenuineIntel_PROCESSOR_CACHE code that I've never seen b4 in my past OCing.

So there are a few questions.

1) What is a 124x intel code? cache or core voltage? Or a driver? This is a 1st for me in all my time OCing. Seen plenty 124's, just never 1 referring to cache.
2) I see a bunch of people do 1.2v or higher on the ring, is that ok? 1.220v seemed high but I see some go close to 1.3v for stability.
3) Doubt it, but could the high ring hurt the cache? or just a random windows code thrown out?
4) If it is cache, then that would mean ore vcore since its tied to the core's power right?

Cooling with an H100i @ 74c max. running x264. Maybe thinking SA or IO might need a bit of voltage. Mems back to stock at 1600 vs 2133 so I didn't think it would need it.

Thanks, Kenneth.
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Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome thread! I am new to overclocking and I will make a very long story short and just say that I ended up with an i5 4690K and a Gigabyte GA-Q87N motherboard. (Q87 chipset iTX) Amazingly enough, my Q87 board supports overclocking. (multiplier, uncore, voltage, etc) I was getting ready to start overclocking this odd combination and then I realized that there is a "catch". Although I can modify voltages, I am limited on how high the BIOS will let me go. On the bright side, comparing the limits in BIOS to the Haswell max voltages, I guess it forces me to be "safe" and probably not a bad thing for a first time overclocker.

My Limits:
VRIN: 1.9v
VCORE: 1.2v
RING: 1.149v

Doubt these matter...
SYS AGENT: +/- 0.100v
I/O Analog: ?
I/O Digital: ?

So, what do you think? Should I give it a try? Is it even worth doing? Or should I just pick up an iTX Z87/Z97 board and say screw it? I am interested in a more conservative overclock anyways so I think this may work out just fine. I would prefer to keep my current motherboard obviously. I love the mSATA SATA 3 support. (Using a 850 Evo mSATA SSD as my OS / BOOT Drive)

Here is a link to my "request for guidance" thread and info on my current situation / pc / full BIOS pics:


I am guessing that this is not the place for me to post this and I apologize. I just have not received a single response to my thread yet so a little help would be awesome. smile.gif

ps: I read the entirety of this guide. If I interpreted everything correctly, (mainly voltages) I could literally set my VRIN / VCORE / RING to the maximum allowed by my BIOS. Then, increase my multiplier from 4.0 by 1X until I am unstable, then back 1X?
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Welcome to the OCing club.

Totally go 4 it and see how well you do on that board. Won't hurt. Can always get a board later and transfer the settings you set.

Here's a quick and simple OC tip. On default settings, download CPU-Z, HWinfo and x264. Open all 3 on your screen and run x264. It should hit 40x(4ghz) when turbo boost kicks in. Take note of your CPUs voltage when it's at 40x.

Now you can put that multiplier and voltage in as a basic OC. So your PC will run at the turbo boost speed all the time and not just in bursts.

Then you can add multipliers from there. @1.2v I would say you could hit 43x pretty easily without needing to change vrin, vring or System Agent settings. Auto vcore should even be safe at those multipliers if you have an AiO cooler or Hyper Evo 212. Just watch it and make sure you stay under 85* under bench tests(x264) and 1.35vcore if you use auto.

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I have seen a couple people say that it will turbo to 4.0. I'm pretty sure the 4690K turbos to 3.9. Mine does anyways..
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I think it's core usage based.

3.7 - 4 cores
3.8 - 3 cores
3.9 - 2 cores
4.0 - 1 core
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OK. Running some tests now. I will update in a bit.
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@Sin0822 This is just the straight up definitive guide on this CPU and the primary reason I am sticking with the OCN community.

It took OCing my 4670K to a different planet! THANK YOU thumb.gif

The biggest advantage was all of the detailed explanation of the architecture and voltage systems of this processor. I didn't find anywhere near this much attention to detail in any other guides. I feel smarter after reading it, lol, and that is a really good feeling when I start messing around with voltages.

Was able to get some really sweet memory and core frequencies going with the BCLK at 125.5. and went pretty crazy on HWBOT for air...

Thanks again!
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paladdinsane's PC
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Intel Core i5 4670K  ASRock Z87 Extreme6 Evga GeForce GTX 760 (x2 SLI) 16GB Klevv Urbane (PC2400) 
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New Haswell overclocker here. I've overclocked dozens of Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors with very few issues but Haswell is currently eluding me. I have a 4770k stable @ 4.2 with 1.32 volts and uncore of 40 but I've tried pushing for 4.4 and I can't even get it stable with 1.4volts. Which is too hot for my cooling. Am I missing something?? The whole VRIN/ring/uncore setup has me confused. Thanks for any suggestions.

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