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VCI Settings for DSL Modem connection on gaming.

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OK, I realize this is not the best Forum for this and the only link I Got with it is that I have an AMD Card. there's actually no proper forum for this thread, so here we go.

In the DSL Modem configuration there are a few settings that bothers me: VPI/VCI. These settings have little to no info in Google, just definitions and non-related info, I decided to call my ISP And ask about it, the support man, as always, didn't knew anything about the matter but after 5 minutes explaining why I needed to know what this is he finally told me "The VCI, put it at 45 and VPI on 0" when I asked "Why" he said that's the way it is, when I insisted he said he really doesn't know.

So, he told me my ISP recommends 45 on VCI but don't have any idea of why, I made a research and I found out that there's different values of VCI/VPI Settings depending on what country you're connecting from. (DSL/Cable)

Now the question: My ISP Recommends 45, but Why? What does these settings really mean? And I don't ask for the Bull**** info I found on Google about it, nor definitions, I ask what changes because I've played with it and there's several working combinations, right now I have it on 32 and it works perfectly, so with all the information I have I'm seeing these settings like a Radio Tuner on which you catch the frequency of the Broadcasting station to get a clear/crisp signal, I'm not sure if this is the case and that's what I'm mainly asking.

Also, which one should I choose and how do I know it's the best for it? Will this even affect the performance? (If the ISP Requires you to go into a specific value when there's dozens of values that works perfectly maybe there's a reason for it, I got an inquisitive mind.) it affects how your modem connects to the network, that's for sure.

Want to clarify that Ping isn't all and there's a lot going on under the hood, if this changes the way my PC/Modem connects to the internet I want to know know how this works. (All Modems have this but they're on a compatible VCI Setting to connect with the ISP that delivers them)

EDIT: Another question, completely unrelated to the above. Is anyone having visual glitches with Catalyst 13.6 Beta on Windows 8? I mean, the kind of glitch that make appear Red, black and blue pixels or boxes of different sizes across the Web Browser? (Firefox, Google Chrome) never happened in-game just on 2D.

Also, having a Black Screen when the PC screen turn off after 15 minutes (On energy options at control panel you can change this value) with the PC Not being able to wake up from this but in the same time working perfectly, you see, I have iTeleport, some sort of VPN on my PC So I can watch and control it from my iPhone/iPad, when my PC Is on this state (The Screen is black and seems to be off) I see my PC desktop as normal on my iPad and can control it perfectly, from playing music to open a notepad, but the notepad window doesn't show up just the icon on the task bar showing it's open.

In order to use my PC Again and take it out from this Black screen I have to restart it, this never happened when I was on Windows 7 + Catalyst 13.4 WHQL, this may be a problem of Windows 8 or Catalyst 13.6, due to the nature of this driver I believe is because of the beta driver, Plus I was on Windows 8 before on this same video card with different drivers and I never experienced these visual glitches (The visual glitches I talked about) neither the black screen, but I'm not sure.

Thank you very much for your answer, this forum has been way more useful than Google so far, love the community biggrin.gif
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Update: I'm having better experience on 32 instead 45, this suggest we should never under any circumstance trust on our ISP.thumb.gif
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