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A piece fell off my z77 extreme4

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This certainly isn't the way I planned to introduce myself on the forum, but I'm a bit desperate.

Yesterday I was just about finishing up cleaning my rig, when my cat knocks over a fan sitting on the bench, falling onto my motherboard.

After the appropriate amount of swearing, I inspected it quickly, dismissed it, finished cleaning and turned her on. No worries here.
(note that I have removed my GPU concerning driver problems and have not put it back in since.)

However, as I began inspecting the floor, I noticed a soldered piece on the ground. Now that was definitely bad news seeming I just took apart a computer.

Opening my case I quickly found out where it had fallen off - located in the pics below.

the red circled part is the missing part, and the one circled in green is what was supposed to be there.

My question is what are they? What could potentially go wrong, missing this part? Would I be able to solder it back on?

in the words of a certain princess, 'Help me overclock.net. You're my only hope'
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Well I Can Not Seem To Figure Out What Those Are For But I Can Give You A little Humor! biggrin.gif


=ROG biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the humor ROG tongue.gif
time to make my cat cough up that $120 for a replacement mobo...

So far nothing seems to be going wrong, using the PC as we speak... I just don't want it to conk out and damage any of my other components at some point in the future
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well I can see where you are coming from but I mean if it works it works , thumb.gif
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Looks like it's connected to the onboard sound. Does the sound still work?

It shouldn't be a major problem if thatt's the case.
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SCHNITZ3L, everything is functioning perfectly. I don't notice any difference in sound, and im still managing to get 5.1 out of my logitechs. I guess I got lucky this time round. thanks! smile.gif
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This may help you determine what's missing on your board:

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probably MLCC packaged capacitors
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