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Hard drive had some issue with current pending sector and disappearing hard drive. After I full format it with windows, and than change out the cable, the disappearing HDD went away and I have no more Current Pending Sector. It was initially at 5 , and after full format, it's gone. There's no Reallocated Sector count or anything. I do have ultra high CRC error but that was due to cable hook up to a bad PCI sata card that was causing havoc on my system.

I try WD's lifeguard extended test and the quick test before I full format and after. Before, it would fail both. Afterward, it'll pass both. it fixed? I assume it was just bad cable that was causing the HDD to disappear and that cause some weird/odd issue with the HDD. I didn't take any picture, so even if I try to RMA, it wouldn't go through since it did pass both test.