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For the Windows 8 x64 Users:

There was an update (KB2821895) put out that broke the /sfc scannow. What it does after this patch sfc scannow sits at 100% for a while then says that there is a corrupt file that can't be fixed. The problem is known so I am sure the microsoft is working to patch it. However the MS board members say that running this command fixes the issue. I was hoping you might know something about this command and if it is safe to run. I ran the command last night and it said it was "sucessful" but I would hate to have unseen consequences down the road from running it. I am fearing that I may need to do a "clean install" of Windows 8 and then hide that update.

I also exited out of the sfc /scannow the first time because I thought it froze cause it was taking so long sitting at 100%. Could exiting out of it cause harm?

This command in the prompt:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

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