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1 ) With my current Asus Z87 PRO recently mounted on the control panel -> Device Manager is a component without drivers, or the "Network Controller", but the Intel Gigabit is installed and run perfectly, i try to install Wi-Fi and BluTooth but never.

I have already installed the Intel driver and in fact the internet has begun to function later, the little thing that is clear is that the Asus site under "LAN" there are 2 drivers, one is the Intel Gigabyte Ethernet, but the other is the Realtek LAN Driver, only that when I install it tells me that it finds no Realtek devices of that type or its in deep mode but i dont know what is this.

2 ) Even other drivers as "Intel Smart Connect Technology Software" or "Intel Rapid Start Technology Software" tells me that I do not qualify, while the bluetooth software I found him already installed on Windows but when I install the downloaded one by Asus tells me that it is any device connected and ends there.

What's going on?
On the site put the wrong drivers?
the CD did not withdraw