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Hello All,

I could use some serious help. I'm a n00b, who knows close to nothing about overclocking or hardware, so I wanted to ask the experts on here! I recently got an ASUS A53U-ES21 from, and I have been experiencing that my CPU isn't good enough to run most games. So I wanted to overclock my CPU, but I'm not exactly sure 1: How to go about it, 2: If I even CAN on this laptop, 3: If it's safe and won't splode my laptop. So far, I've found that I need to have CPU-Z, which I have gotten. I have also seen people posting screen shots of the program running on their PCs. So, without further ado, my screenshots:


So, as I said, I'm not sure where to begin, or if this is even "for me." I could use some guidance, if any of you are willing. I know that a lot of you must hate when n00bs like myself ask things like this, but I figure being guided instead of fumbling is better any day. So, I thank you profusely ahead of time for any answers and help. You all rock.

Very Respectfully,