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I've only have experience one delidding (mine) but when I first did it all I had was MX4 so I did both MX4. I had to wait 10 days for my CLP to arrive (FrozenCPU was out of stock on CLU at the time). My experience was delidding dropped about 10C and changing the MX4 to CLP dropped about another 10C. So I felt it was an important part of the delidding process.

When you do all the reading from people's testimonials and just the statistics of CLP/CLU it's hard to say the difference is not significant.

Correct. Basing CLU/P's performance based on a "professional" review from a few individual sources on the internet vs. countless user experiences is not wise. CLU/P is king of the readily available and commonly used TIMs, for the time being.

Also, yes the biggest issue overall is the gap caused by the IHS adhesive, not the OEM TIM itself.
There is no approximate temperature drop from changing the TIM alone simply because the gap between the IHS and die is not uniform among chips, which explains why two different chips delidded with the same TIM can experience drastically different pre-to-post delidding temperature drops.