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900d shows up today from amazon.

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I got my shinny new toy today to start my rebuild. No pictures just yet. I have to say, like others this bad bay is huge! My head is spinning on how I'm going to install my components, where my tubing will go etc. so many choices.
I must of spent 4 hours just looking at this case admiring all the goodies it has. For example the side mount bracket for the lower rad mount. I was sad at first glance thinking I would have to somehow pull the bracket from the other side. However from a little more inspection I fround the bracket neatly tucked below. I thought my case was missing hardware and screws it said it came with. However they too were neatly tucked away hiding in a drive bay like a little treasure.
Just looking at the case and playing with the drive bays and really just admiring the case I really start to appreciate the engineering that goes into the design.

However, it's not all sun shine and Oreos. I found a few issues. Some of these things may be nit picky but I go over all my comp hardware with a fine toothed comb.
My biggest issue is my window side panel is extremely hardto remove. Even if I push the button to release it I have to pry it apart. There is also some plastic thing in the mid top of the case where the side panel goes. It looks to be there to keep you from pushing the quick release in to far. Mine is broken on both the window and back side panel. Lastly with the quick release when you press it in it will become stuck. After I pry the side panel off (only window side gets stuck, back side comes off with no effort at all), the quick release button gets stuck. I have to reach in the case and push it back with my fingers. It does this on both sides.
Other minor issues. One of my hdd bays (the removable plastic trays) were cracked and fell apart the first time I tried to remove it.
Last issue, again minor, the front I.o panel has a bow in the middle of it. Also when opening it the front flap seems to get stuck on the first drive bay below and you have to push it down with a little force. Not that it's a huge deal, just noting it.

Aside from these minor issues this case is a beautiful piece of hardware and will be a dream to work on.

Well thats my short story of my 900d. Oh also if anyone has any suggestions on the issues I listed I would love to hear any fixes. I sent corsair an email about it. I hope to hear back soon.
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Corsair have a representative on these forums, CorsairGeorge, he is very friendly and helpful, I'm sure he will be able point you in the right direction.
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