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Hi guys

First I'm new here. sorry for my english. I'm studying that.. I'm from Thailand. (

my pc

Anyone still use GB HD7970 oc . I have some thing to tell u guys.
I just flashed my card. [GB HD 7970 oc Rev 1.0] It's work.

The bios I used


Tools Needed:
HP Format Tool
Latest ATi Flash

But first step is Setup USB Drive

Setup USB Drive
*don't forget ot backup file*
* Select the drive you want to use
1. Download DOS Start Files and HP USB Format Tool
2. Extract "win98boot"(default) folder
3. Run HPUSBDisk as Admin
4. Select Device, Change Volume label if necessary.
5. Check "Create a DOS startup disk using system files located at:"
6. Start

then Download ATIFlash 3.86 on google

After that, copy ATIFlash 3.86 files to the usb drive. Then copy the bios [on download link] over to the usb drive.

you can also backup your BIOS with GPU-z.

save backup bios over to the usb drive too.
like this

Actually Name of bios file is *Club3D.HD7970.3072.120711.rom*. but i rename it as *ghzbios.rom*

*ghzbios is the bios for flash
*Bbios is backup bios

after set up usb drive. here we go.Let's flash it

No Worries . Usually You have two BIOS positions on the card.
before flash. switch bios switch on 7970 to mode 2.

1. restart system
2. boot to usb drive that we set up. you can see Window98boot
look like this.

but not like me. cuz i forgot to take a photo in that step.

Flashing Time!

3.type the following

"atiflash.exe -i"............ENTER
This will get your device ID(s) for your card(s).
Now your device ID should show like on my screen.
The Device Number is 0 as shown on my computer.
then type
"atiflash.exe -p 0 ghzbios.rom [name of bios] -fa -fm -fp -fs" ...........ENTER will see the text " to complete vbios please restart"
5. restart you system or press "Ctrl+Alt+Del"


GB HD 7970 OC Specs


Club3D HD 7970 bios info

How to unlock Voltage
1. open msi afterburner
2. click on setting

Like this



1. [Tutorial] ATIWinFlash - How to flash the BIOS of your ATI Cards
2. How To Use ATIFLASH (USB Drive Setup)
3. How to Flash ATi Cards!

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