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I am starting a build this week that is open for suggestions. I have started with a Corsair Mid-Tower 500R Case (White), which is on its way.
I am going to rip this guy apart, paint it, make some modifications, research parts/ ideas, and plug in some serious water cooling and leave no stone unturned, and no dollar left unspent.

Pictures, Videos, and Detailed updates to follow.


500R Case (White) on its way from
researched modifications done to this case by other builders, decided on a two radiator set up. Thinking of a 3-fan radiator set-up in the front. This would mean I need to take all the cages out of the front and cut a new fan hole. Or I'm leaning more towards a 140mm on the rear near the CPU, and a 240mm (dual fan) on the top of the case. The RS240 by XSPC is a good choice and previous builders were able to fit it on top without any major modifications.

Currently Thinking of an Orange/Black/White Color scheme, with Orange Pastel Colored Distilled water, and Black Fittings. Going to most likely go with an EK setup without bending any of the tubing. Fittings will be black, are a bit expensive at this level but whatever.

Motherboard: Planning on painting the motherboard to match the color scheme, and I will be going with one of the ROG boards because my past builds I really enjoyed the easy overclocking features.

GPU: I have my eye on the GTX 780 in SLI for now, EVGA seems to be the leading brand to go with. I'll be replacing the fans with a EK Water Block

CPU: Seems to me that the i5 - 4670k is the way to go because its a bit cheaper than the i7 and hyper threading is not really needed for gaming in this generation.

Memory: Open for now but I will go with 8GB x 2 for 16GB to leave room for more RAM in the future

Hard drives: this depends on the mods I make to the case, but I will be using the fastest SSD available for boot and my primary games.

PSU: I have used mostly OCZ in the past, but I am currently considering EVGA or Corsair, in the 800-900 range

Additional notes; I was hoping to put a LCD touchscreen fan controller on the front of the case, but may not do this, and Im really steering towards no optical drive at all..(i mean who the hell uses discs these days)

Display: I will be using a 46 inch Samsung LED HDTV

I am open to thoughts, suggestions, bashing, and feedback.

Thanks guys.
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