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Hey all, I'm having... difficulty In deciding what Center Monitor I would like to get for my PLP setup. I currently have 3 Asus VS248H-P, which are 24 inch monitors in 3xLandscape, a family member's current monitor is about to die so I figured I'd give them one of mine as I can afford a new one and they cant.

The real issue is figuring out if I should go 27 or 30 to help "align" the displays better, the Asus are 16:9 (which doesn't bother me and i'm not going to nit pick over 16:9 vs 16:10, I don't have a great eye for that type of stuff). I'd like to go with a Korean or equivalent monitor Like a Catleap/Crossover/Qnix/etc. At work right now so I cant give a exact measurement of my monitors but info can be found Here @ Newegg and Here @ amazon.

I run crossfire which does support mix mode eyefinity setups (think it needs the help radeon pro, would have to double check) with more than enough power to support the setup.