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Crossfire GYGABYTE 7870 OC ?

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Hello all first post here first of all I'd like to say this forum is Great and extremely informative! Anyway...

My current system specs are
750 watt power supply
16gb pc1600
Gygabyte 7870 OC
Samsung 120 GB SSD
7200 rpm 1tb hard drive (for got exact manufacture)

I'm looking at getting another HD7870 which is about 230$ out here in Japan (I love akihabara if any of you have a chance come to electric town) anyway would I get much of a performance boost in games like crysis 3? Which is a little choppy at times?
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I would recommend selling this card, and buying a single more powerful card.

Less issues and smoother performance that way.

But if you do go Crossfire, your FPS will improve significantly, but not in all the games.

Although you may want to wait for drivers with smooth Crossfire performance... http://www.overclock.net/t/1402569/twitter-amd-crossfire-drivers-out-july-31st
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