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Hello , I need to switch my case to a smaller one and my Motherboard to a smaller one. Im looking at the Micro ATX MB's that take triple SLI setup that I have. I found one so far made by asrock with theLGA 2011 socket. Now heres my Problem. All the cases that I found only have 4 expansion slots and some have 5. We all know the cards take up 2 slots even with water cooling. How can I get down to the 5 slot case. The bottom half of the card really is not being used at all. I don't use the DVID port so it looks like I can remove it?. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone sell the one slot plate for the EVGA CARDS. I have seen them before but not for my GTX 670's? Or better yet does anyone know a Micro case that will take a Tri-Sli setup? Thanks, any info will help on cards or cases.