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surf new egg's ratings and their rma process seems like a bad joke. I was pretty interested in them seeing as they were fairly affordable supposedly overclocky and looked really cool but after i saw up close pics the pcb looks cheap compared to alot of the other brands doesn't have alot of the technology built in as the other z87s and they didn't oc memory very well either.

though the msi Mpowers were pretty interesting that's mostly due to their ridiculous amount of powerphases.

As far as I am concerned the oc formula is the smartest z87 mobo selection. only similar boards are in the 400$ range. at 300 this is a steal! believe me I'd already have it if I hadn't decided to hold off a month for when theres more money lying around... its close between this and asus impact I want to convert my old toaster oven into a pc

Yes I agree for gaming or running benchmarks You can not beat the OC formula at the price it is. As a matter of fact add a 100 to the cost and it would still be reasonable I think.

That is the motherboard I am going to order to play with bench and abuse!!