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Low GPU usage in games on 6750M

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I'm running Windows 7 on a 2011 15" Macbook Pro with a 6750M 1GB.

My problem is this: I recently got Rising Storm, and when I went to play it I noticed framerate was much lower than what it was in Red Orchestra 2 vanilla (which I hadn't played for a while). I monitored my GPU usage using ATI Tray Tools and noticed it would hover between 20%-40%, almost never going above 40%. My framerate depends on which map I'm on and how many players there are, but on a full 64 person match on Hanto I never go above 30 fps, more often between 10-20 fps. On a map like Iwo Jima I can get playable framerates in the 30s, but my GPU usage is still unnaturally low. I'm playing on all lowest settings.

Now, I've had this problem with BFBC2 before and I know the problem went away eventually, but I don't know what I did to fix it or if I did anything that fixed it. I tried out BFBC2 after seeing the problem surface with Rising Storm and confirmed that the same thing is happening with BFBC2 as well. I haven't played the game for a while, but when I played I would get framerates in the 40s with the GPU utilization around 95%. This is on mostly lowest settings, since the 6750M is not a very strong GPU at all.

The CPU is an i7-2720QM at 2.2ghz so it shouldn't be bottlenecking multithreaded games like BFBC2 and RS at all, which is confirmed by the 40%-ish use on the CPU in game. I thought it could be a lack of memory or something since I only have 4gb and I tend to have a lot of things open in the background, but after rebooting and only opening ATI Tray Tools and Task Manager with Rising Storm, I still got the same problem.

I even tried a fix I read online for the same issue but with CSS, a change in the registry regarding networking, and after a reboot I thought it had worked since GPU usage was in the 90% range and my framerate was capped at 60 which is to be expected since I'm running Rising Storm on all lowest, but after 5-10 seconds it regressed to the same problem again.

I don't have time today, but next chance I have I'll fire up Dota2 and Civ5 to see how GPU usage is for those games, because they're the only games I've played after the last driver update (which was messy and confusing so could be the problem) but before I've noticed this problem. I seem to remember Civ5 was utilizing my GPU fully, especially since I had some overheating problems while running the game (it's getting hotter in my room since it's summer, and the MBP cools passively for the most part). I'll double check though.

If this should be in a different forum or you need any more info let me know, thanks.

Summary of this giant paragraph:
GPU utilization is consistently below 40%, same with CPU utilization, and framerate is between 10-30fps often in the lower end of that range. Games tested so far are BFBC2 and Rising Storm, which both display the same problem. Probably not the driver but I'll update this if I think it is.
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bump, is there a better subforum this should be in?
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