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So I'm finally having good luck

New EK blocks came in. Unfortunately, my fittings didn't fit on them because the threads were too close to the physical graphics card. The cards sit way too close together on the motherboard, so getting fitting with extensions would make them practically touch. So I went and ordered 2 links and a bridge. I filled the loop up last night and prayed that it didn't leak. Been running since then and no problems

I also picked up this clear plastic/flexible trim stuff that I painted blue. Adds a bit of a touch/highlight to the desk. Easily removable since it's just taped on. Still feeling it out, not sure if I like it or not

Overview of the loop

The outside reservoir

And the inside

(I had a piece of glass cut for the window but it was doing my streak of bad luck and it is just slightly too big. So I gotta get that redone).
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Loving the project man.
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Another set back haha. I powered everything on to make sure all was well. The only new hardware was the 2nd graphics card. At first I only had one card working. After a bunch of trial/error, I was able to confirm that both cards did work (independently) and both PCI slots worked, as well as each set of PSU cables I was using. It turned out that the EK bridge was putting stress on the cards, pulling them together. So I couldn't get both cards seated into the PCI slots at the same time; one was in and the other was out. So I had to drain the loop again (ugh) and take the bridge off. What I did this time was to secure the cards into the PCI slots and screw them down. Then I attached the bridge. I tried that previously but the bridge didn't seem to want to line up, so I took the cards out and attached the bridge outside of the case.

About to see if it works now
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Success! Got all monitors up and running, in Windows and OSX.

Tomorrow I'm going to see about getting a my piece of glass cut down to fit and then I can wrap this project up

Since I had to drain the loop, I decided to premix the water/dye, so I could get it exactly how I wanted (more blue than before).

I'll add more photos once it's complete
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wow what a great job you've done mate thumb.gif
this is an amazing build it dose give us all a lot to thinking.gif about
would love to do a job like this myself now you've got me thinking.gif
applaud.gif well done thumbsupsmiley.png
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love the desk color combo is great have u ever tried to lay the res on its side for cooling?
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Well it's pretty much done now. And this is the first time I've had a reservoir on its side like this. Since it's purely for show and if anything, restricts cooling, I'm not too concerned. Overall, the system runs cool. I haven't been free enough to reoverclock my CPU or do anything related to that. It runs fairly quiet too, despite having like 17 fans haha. One annoying thing is the fan controller. Seems to be buggy or defective. The RPM readings are way off, oscillating from 0 to like 300rpm for one of my radiators, which are clearly running around 1100rpm. Oh well, it correctly turns them on/off and the temperature sensors work, which is what I really needed it for. Here are some final pictures (gotta top off the reservoir):

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looks great
how do the ambient temps hold up inside the case part
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I didn't get around to putting a temperature sensor in the "case". I imagine it is quite warm, yet not too bad because it isn't completely sealed off. There is open space all around the top of the box, since it doesn't completely "meet" the bottom of the tabletop. I can tell you that sitting next to it while it's on, I don't feel much heat from it. My room is just as warm as it was with my 800D, which is a slightly uncomfortable warm since Florida takes a while to cool down and the AC in my apartment sucks.
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