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yes the psu is dead!! i had the same psu but a corsair vx550w version it killed my usb slots then the second time it totally burnt out my motherboard, cpu, ram everything!!! big puff of smoke i hand to sent it in with the motherboard, cpu which was literally toast, corsair gave me $200 for the damages.. the psu will shut off if there is even light load i tested with 4 hdd an disc player an it just continued to restart.. its total crap.

my case from 2012 Ive then left corsair even after they gave me a new psu free.

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Years ago when i worked in a computer workshop Tiny/ Opus, it was quite often or not that a psu could take down all sorts of hardware.

But do decent psu's nowadays have some kind of safety mechanism to help not blow a hd or motherboard etc if it does fail ?

That is one of the reasons from the old days why I don't skimp on a good psu smile.gif
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nope most psu's don't give a carp about that lol its blows an takes everything its sad but true.
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