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newb to overclocking... need help

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i am new to overclocking and need help on where to start, if i need any programs, heat temps and bios settings... new to it all... ill list my specs

win 7 hm prem x64
corsair 128gb ssd
amd phenom II x4 945 3.0ghz
asus m4a88td-v evo motherboard
kingston 8gb ram 1600 (motherboard dont supportthe ram speed of 1600 with this ram but i use the speed of 1333)
evga gtx 480
600w power supply

i made my first attemp at overclocking last night by doing the step up selection to the 3.6ghz option then tried to tweak the cpu voltage but itried to make it at 1.375 and dont know how to test anything but pc seemed to run fine til i played my game (iracing) and the pc gave me a bsod during my race... happened to go back into the bios and seen that the memory speed somehow was a weird number i never seen before... i have the slightest clue what i am to do with overclocking and what all things ylu can and cant adjust... some people told me to do research and do testing and benchmarks... but when i research its like a a football player trying to learn ballet to me... im so confused... if anyone has time to explain to me what i need to doand give me a few steps to get started i would appreciate it so much...

i see some people can overclock this processor to 4.0 ghz but most say 3.8 if i could get to the 3.8 id be tickled pink... thanks in advance for any help!!
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To monitor temps, the best application for amd cpu's would be Open Hardware Monitor You may also want to check out the Phenom II Overclocking guide
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thanks much... will try some overclocking this weekend
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well i tried setting my overclock to the 3.6 step up and also at the 3.4 step up in my bios settings... also tried setting my voltage at 1.4 and at 1.35 but everytime i would try to run prime 95 it would take like 3 seconds into it and it blue screens everytime... so i just put the voltage back at normal and left it at the 3.4 overclock step up... not sure why im getting blue screens... anyone know why? im trying to get my overclock to close as 3.8 as i can cuz i read alot of people doing it
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