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I felt like I needed something to do this summer, so I decided to start modding a case. Found a 690 on eBay, and scored it for 40$. Heres the hardware thats going into this build (mostly good deals and eBay buys).

From old build:
i5 2310
MSI P67A-C43
8gb of Patriot and SpecTek memory
LG DVD burner
2 CM 120mm fans, 1 CM 230mm fan, 1 Scythe 120mm fan
500gb WD blue

New stuff:
7850 (this might change)
CM 690 (used)
500w PSU (undecided)
NZXT 120mm air cooler

Mods I'm thinking about doing are paint, window, and putting the 230mm on the side panel. I'll also make some LED strips for lighting and such. Some paracord sleeving might be in order too.

Some Pictures: