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I needed to transfer some files from a computer to another computer, so I plug in my flash drive to one of the front USB ports, and everything got disconnected. My wireless card was disconnected and not blinking, my mouse's LED's were on but it wasn't responding, my flashdrive wasn't recognized. My keyboard, strangely, was working fine. My mouse and keyboard are both connected directly to the mobo, everything else connected to the front header ports. So I unplug my mouse and plug it back in, it's working fine. Unplug and plug in the flash drive it's working fine. But when I unplug and replug my wireless card it blinks for a few seconds, and turns off. Windows says something about a "A device has malfunctioned, please plug in the device again and if it doesn't work replace it", or something along the lines of that. Hoping it was singled to that computer, I go downstairs and plug it in to my other computer. Gave me the same message. Is my wireless card bricked? What happened to it? Did the mobo get overloaded or something? I don't have much plugged into it. What do I do now? Do I call Asrock? Or the wireless adapter manufacturer? Or microcenter? (where I got both the mobo and adapter).
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