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Hi everyone, I want to ask all of the the computer wizard one quick QUESTION!!
I just upgrade my gaming machine with: Sabertooth X79, i7 3930, AMD Crossfire 7970 x2, 32Gb Patriot, SSD 256Gb, Win 7 64bit... :-)
My question is why is my bios LED keeps blinking Blue on the back !!?
I have no USB stick inserted in the white USB port for bios flushing…I unplug the power supply for 5 min and nothing, I try to press the bios button but no matter what I do that LED still keep flushing blue like is doing an bios update…it blinks even when I turn off my PC :-/
Also my system is running good so far…divice manager is clean.

I also called ASUS support but that tech/guy don't know much a:mad:nyway !!