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Good afternoon OCN members!

Note** i've posted this on another forum as well. Thought I would try here as well!

I currently have 3 monitors in PLP setup
Anyone run SLI setup with 3 monitors but only game on ONE in windows full screen mode? The left and right monitors are used for 2D applications such as TEMP, GPU/CPU usage, Web Surfing etc etc.

Main "Center" monitor connected to: GTX680 2 Gig. 2560x1440
Left and Right Monitors connected to: GT610 2 Gig. 1920x1080 x2
**The reason I didn't connect all 3 monitors to the single card was to reduce temperatures on the GTX680 which it did!!

I can't find any concrete evidence on the following questions so I thought I would try here:

1) Does full windows mode work in SLI

2) Would my left and right monitors still be on in SLI mode (I've heard that one monitor disables) which obviously defeats the purpose of having 3 monitors.

3) Can I SLI the GTX 680's on the main monitor and use still use the GT610 for the left and right monitors. (I have a Z77 Sabertooth mobo) -specs on mobo below.

4) Do I need any special adaptors or connections to enable the above to work -Note: When I had crossfire 5850's it was a nightmare and I had to get a dongle to get all 3 monitors working and xfire didn't work in windows mode.

5) Does it work for all games in window mode or does it depend on what game? (I'm looking for GW2 and FF14 reborn)

6) Is there a performance HIT in windows mode? If so how much?

One video card is perfect right now regarding setup but not FPS, and I don't see a performance hit when playing in windows full screen mode either.

Or just scrap the SLI idea since I use 3 monitors and only play on one and sell the GTX 680 and opt for the GTX780 which isn't cost friendly.

Thanks for all the answers and input from anyone, I really want to make sure before I pull the trigger on another GTX680.....One GTX680 just doesn't cut it for 2560x1440 and I think SLI-ing them is the most economical way if my setup works the way I want it to.


Mobo Specs: (rest of my system is on my signature)
Multi-GPU Support
Supports NVIDIA® Quad-GPU SLI™ Technology
Supports AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports LucidLogix® Virtu™ MVP Technology *1