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E6550 overclock problems

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My desktop has hit a point where I think it's going a little slow, so I decided to overclock it but I am completely new about it. Now I did read up couple posts and researched about it and I know a tiny bit about it but I still hope you experts could help me out.

My set up is:

MB: GA P31 DS3L (I read reviews about it being a good board to OC)
CPU: E6550 2.33Ghz
GC: Gigabyte 8600 GTS 256 MB (soon upgrading to EVGA GTX660)
RAM: OCZ Reaper HPC CL4 DDR2 4-4-4-15 2T (2.1V) 2 x 1GB (soon getting new ram, 4GB)
POWER: Cooler master 650W
OS: Windows XP home edition 32 bit

Air cooled and good flow.

I want to get it to about 2.8Ghz - 3Ghz because i saw lot of people saying its stable that way.

However, my system wont let me go anything more than 340 FSB , at 350, the bios just disables the Host Clock Control,

I lock pci to 100 and System Memory Multiplier to 2

DDr2 OverVoltage Control is at +0.2V
FSB OverVoltage Control is at +0.1B
CPU Voltage control is at 1.25V

Can anyone help me out?! frown.gif

Thanks in advance! biggrin.gif
Feel free to ask me anything in order for you to help!
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can someone please help frown.gif
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