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When playing games like RO2 or BF3 I used to get ping about the same as my friend nearby, not I get triple his ping at times, my ping goes up and down ( say his is 90, mine will go from 90-200 normally staying at around 180 with drops down ) This never used to happen and I have a much faster internet connection that him. This is all on the PC, I have tried a different router and direct to the modem no difference. I upgraded my internet speeds and nothing. Speetest/Pingtest report slightly below average speeds but for the most part nothing to account for this. WiFi seems fine, i will check the ps3 right now, its been going on for weeks. The Modem is 11 years old but I'm not sure if thats it. I have done full power resets and new either-net cables, also re installed network drivers. I use a wired connection to my PC

Ps3 works fine and my gaming laptop gets 110-120 ping on a specific server ( Happens on every server/game but this is the easiest way to compare ) when wired or wireless while my desktop gets 140-250 ping when wired, I used the same cable straight to the modem. Both Computers report the same ping in the server browser but in game the desktop has a much higher ping, I have opened ports and disabled firewall, no go.