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Hello everyone,

So I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y470, which has Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.2ghz , Nvidia Geforce GT 550M 1GB DDR3 , 8GB Ram.
About a month ago I changed the hard drive, because the western digital the came originally died, so I replaced it with a Samsung Spinpoint.

The problem is with my GPU and the driver it requires to run. This is the third time it happens to me.
The first time was when I bought the laptop, I downloaded the latest driver, at the time, but the games didn't work, the laptop froze. Until I tried older driver version I found one that worked.
The second time was when I reinstall windows when my HDD started to fail, and again and tried older drivers until I found one that worked.
And now the third time when I changed the HDD, I already tried all the drivers and none has fix the problem like the other times, (yes Im a stupid person for not writing down which is the driver that works)

This is the list of drivers I tried:

geforce 320.18 may 2013
geforce 314.18 march 2013
geforce 314.07 february 2013
geforce 310.90 january 2013
geforce 310.70 december 2012
geforce 306.97 october 2012
geforce 306.23 september 2012
geforce 301.42 may 2012
verde 296.10 march 2012

right now I have installed the last one, verde 296.10 from march 2012, which worked the first times, but then the computer froze like every time before. I think it happen the same thing with the geforce 314.18 from march 2013 (the first time it worked but then it froze)

I have a gadget which shows the use of the gpu, and it happens the same thing every time, it starts loading the game, with a constant use of 80% , then it drops to 0% for a few seconds and it jumps to 99% and then the whole laptop freezes and I have to turn it down holding the power button.

I read in the internet that perhaps it was the ram not working, but I doubt it.

So what advice do you have ?
Thanks in advance.