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Originally Posted by Alex132 View Post

Wiping with alcohol is the correct thing to do.

95%, 99% etc. alcohol will remove any dirt and stuff and leave no residue once you have wiped the dirt off.

Isopropyl yes, Ethanol no. Ethanol tends to move where it shouldn't move to, because it has small molecules.
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Originally Posted by NotATroll View Post

I laughed when I read this thread. I've been touching my CPUs however the hell I want ever since I was a wee little lad. I've never had any issue with any of them. To be quite honest. I've always tend to have gotten compound on them in the wrong places. Another thing - I'm sure getting that alcohol based fluid OFF of the CPU is your priority. Leaving it there and asking us was a foolish thing to do. My reaction wouldve been:

  • Wipe.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Blow on it a bit just to make sure.
  • Make sure I didnt spit on it when I blew on it.
  • Place it where it belongs.
  • Fire up my monster machine.
  • Happy Ending.

Now to answer your last post. Just leave it.

I understand you would have cleaned it with purifier but keep in mind, I thought at the time you should put no foreign material on the BOTTOM of the CPU.

Also, keep in mind this was only the "ArticSilver" articclean thermal compound REMOVER #1, and NOT actual thermal grease.

So I put it in and it has been working fine for 1 week and even the tech support from ArticSilver said it should be fine.

Do you then think I should still pull the CPU out and wipe it down? What do you think?
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I cant see form the Pic if those are pins or just dots for contact. If its Pins you can take a credit card or similar and wipe between the pins. If there are no pins just wipe it without scratching anything thumb.gif
And the remover isnt really conductive dont worry
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