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Hello everyone,

My first post here, just registered to resurrect this ancient thread. Two questions:

1. Are any of the lesser-known Chinese brands particularly worth looking into? Here's a list of some I've been able to find, is there anything else worth checking out?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
双飞燕 A4Tech [TW] (血手幽灵)

黑爵 Ajazz

达尔优 Dareu

魔力鸭 Ducky [TW]


凱酷 Keycool [TW]

新贵 Newmen

诺普/诺朴 Noppoo [Out of Business?]

雷柏 Rapoo (VPro)

铁修罗 Tesoro

2. Are keyboards with Chinese-made switches even worth considering if I wouldn't want to end up with some low-quality stuff, or is Cherry MX the only way to go?

Meanwhile, for anyone else also looking into what's available on the Chinese market, here's a short reference of the key vocabulary:
  • 机械键盘 mechanical keyboard
  • 背光 no backlight
  • 凯华 Kailh switch, one of the domestic switch manufacturers, also "Kaihua"
  • 樱桃 Cherry switch, colors:
    • 青 blue, literally "nature's color"
    • 茶 brown, literally "tea"
    • 奶 white, literally "milk"
    • 白 clear, literally "white"
    • 红 red
    • 黑 black