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LG27EA83R-D mini review

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After several months of purchasing, testing, & of course returning various 2560 x 1440p displays i was down to only the VP2770 if this new LG did not pan out. I could not find any extensive reviews on this new LG R version so decided to test it out.


I received the LG27EA83R-D few days ago and it is definitely a keeper IMO. No dead pixels, no banding, no tinting, no cross hatching, no BLB, and i do NOT notice any effects from the PWM at any level of brightness settings. This display is excellent for photographers, editing, & applications. I did not need the wide gamut Adobe version.

I did not like the factory calibrated SRGB presets so simply used the Custom 6 color palette which allows the user to adjust both saturation & hue on 6 various colors. And of course turned the brightness down to 33%. This thing is bright. Tilt & height adjustments are very smooth. Touch sensitive controls very responsive and OSD very easy to pan through and adjust.

If you read the below review on the D version of this display they had no problems using the EVGA Pixel Clock Utility to OC this monitor up to a max of 99Hz for gaming purposes:


Still have 27 days left to decide if its a definite keeper for sure, but so far i am really impressed after all the previous displays i have tested and research on the various forums.


Few pics below from wallpaper.com displayed on monitor taken with a 60D at f2.8, ISO400, no-flash:

Regards, Ron smile.gif
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Wow is this LG's new 1440p IPS monitor?

Nice to see that there is an official LG 1440p IPS monitor.

I expect it to be on par or even better than the ShiMian/CrossOver/Yamakasi branded IPS monitors.
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