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I have been trying to make Diablo 3 play as smooth as possible and in my journey to do this I have been recommended many things:

Vsync Off: Game play is not smooth at all and there is small screen tearing
Vsync On: Game is smooth but large packs of mobs its gets a little laggy

SLI Enabled vs SLI Disabled: Maybe SLI Disabled I feel a little better performance or it is a placebo

Now I have been recommended to try to enable Triple Buffering with Vsync Enabled, However from what I have read NV Control Panel's triple buffering option only works with "OpenGL" applications so I have read that people use D3Doverrider. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this not only about the triple buffering option but in settings I could test to see if it helps.


GTX 690
16GB ram G.Skill 1866

27inch Crossover 2560x1440

NVidia Driver: 314.22 (Due to the malfunctions of the newest driver and large amount of complaints I have stuck with this driver until new ones come out and are deemed good)
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