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15th of August 2014.

Cordyceps has a foothold in humans across the globe. This fungal-based infection rapidly reproduces in the brain of the host, influencing their actions and eventually resulting in physical deformation.

You're a survivor. You don't know if there's anyone else.

Over the past month you've noticed something strange in the behavior of the infected, they appear to travel in packs; although packs may be the wrong word. A 'Swarm' is a more appropriate way to describe the hundreds of infected pursuing lone survivors.

You don't know when the people you used to call friends are going to come for you but you do know that they will. Armed with nothing more than your own two feet you have to delay the inevitable, but for how long?

This is Swarm.

Please message me about any glitches or errors that occur and I will gladly fix them!
I'm also willing to take any suggestions you have, and will include ideas for new zombies.
A review or a share would help me out a lot, everything in the game including the 'artwork' (I use the term loosely) was produced by a single developer. smile.gif

Copy and paste from the Play Store, and yes I'm hopping on the 'cordyceps' hype train after experiencing the brilliant 'The Last of Us'. Everything in this game was made by one person who is fairly new to it all. The game is somewhat a work in progress and I will no doubt add more feature and more types of zombies in the coming days. The game is struggling at the moment so I appreciate any buys I get, hence the lowered price to £0.50, this may go up as the game becomes more polished and sells more!

Thanks a lot for reading, I'd appreciate any ideas, and would love your 50p's wink.gif
If an experienced member of the forum wants a review copy I'd be happy to issue one!

EDIT: Didn't include the link! >.>

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