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We won't get any updates until AMD releases the newer roadmaps, which should be sometime soon (before the year is over.)
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Originally Posted by Konbad View Post

do you guys think AMD will show anything about steamroller at their event on the 25th in Hawaii?

AMD is not Steve Jobs, even Apple now is not Steve jobs. It is has been stated umphteenth number of times according to the head of Global marketing for AMD John Taylor, the updated roadmap will be released between the end of October and the AMD Developers Conference (the APU Conference as they now call it) which will be held November 14th.
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There's a chance that a steamroller APU may get a design win the steambox(es).
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That would be awesome. Though Gaben is a champion of Linux, AMD will have to get a move on with having better Linux driver development.
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Valve have been working closely with nVidia for their openGL ports so i see them taking something from their camp, im all tingly though a world where all games run on OpenGL and not DX
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I too would love a universal transition to OpenGL. I fail to understand how there are people who think DirectX is actually superior to OpenGL.
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i just dislike how MS handles D3D, attempting to foce people to upgrade to a newer OS, i would stop playing games before i moved to windows 8 in its current format and that goes for 9 if its more of the same
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I remember the Halo 2 fiasco...Where MS claimed that it wasn't possible to run it on WinXP and thus people needed to upgrade to Vista to play it. Didn't take long for hackers to make it known that Halo 2 was very capable of running on WinXP in its full glory.

They always try to force people to "upgrade" to a newer OS just to use the latest version of DX. It's ridiculous.
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Heres to hoping for open source.
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*insert witty valve pun here*
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