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Asus VG278H or Samsung S27A950D for gaming ?

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I currently have Samsung 2333SW PLUS 23 inch
and I want to get new gaming monitor

so should I get Asus VG278H 27 inch 3D or Samsung S27A950D 27 inch 3D
for PC gaming and maybe Console ?

I searched the internet and I found that

Asus have the best 3d because it support Nvidia 3D Vision 2
but image quality is average

and Samsung S27A950D have great image quality but the 3d is not really good.

I don't know if that's really true but that's what I found on the internet

I know I will get better 3d with Asus because I have nvidia card

but I really don't know if 3D will be important for me because I didn't tried any 3D monitor before

I would like to know the pros and cons of both Monitor and does it work well on any console

btw Asus is much more expensive

so which one should I get for gaming ?

or should I wait for better monitor to be available in my country ?

I hope to see reply from someone who tried both monitors.

btw I have nvidia gtx 570


edit: I found out that we could hack the Samsung monitor and get Nvidia 3D Vision to work,
so if that's true will I get a great 3D as Asus ?
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If 3D is in play I would choose Asus VG278H for sure.


Yes the hack sometimes work for Samsung but at the end of the day Asus VG278H is the best 3D monitor for gaming out there along with BENQ 2420T which is 24 inches.


I have an Asus VG278H and ı love it. It is very fast and fluid.


The colors are dull a bit but I increased Digital Vibrance from the Nvidia Control panel to 70-75 and everything is peachy right now.


I also hear great things about that Samsung monitor which is also a good choice. But for 3D I would 100% go for Asus VG278H.


For 2D gaming only Samsung might be a bit better colorwise, but once again increasing digital vibrance helps a lot.


Also Asus VG278H has few modes such as Scenery, Gaming, Theater mode but I would stay away from those modes as the saturation increases a lot.

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I have a VG278H too.

Another item is the LightBoost ability it has, for 2D motion blur elimination.

For best LightBoost color on VG278H during LightBoost 2D
- ASUS VG278H OSD Contrast=90%
- nVidia Control Panel Gamma 0.85 (undoes the gamma bleach effect)
(Digital Vibrance 50% setting, or user preference -- but check Lagom Contrast pattern)

For reduced LightBoost trailing artifacts and less 3D Vision crosstalk
- ASUS VG278H OSD Contrast=75%
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if I will get asus I will make sure to use your settings



do you know the percentage of games the hack work with it ?

do you really use 3d most of the time in gaming ? and do you really like it ?? or it's just a bonus ?

I really wanted to get Asus but all my friends said don't get it because it's the most expensive 3d monitor it's 650 $ in my country
and the the 3d vision glasses are not available in my country
so if anything happened to the glasses or I wanted another one I will not be able to get another one frown.gif
and I can't get it from outside my country because it will cost me about 185-200 $

there is something strange, the Asus monitor is a little bit old shouldn't the price be the half ?

anyway thanks and I hope to see more replies.

thanks a lot
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Originally Posted by super1 View Post

there is something strange, the Asus monitor is a little bit old shouldn't the price be the half ?
It's old, but it has apparently withstood the test of time -- its LightBoost color is superior to VG248QE.

Also, there's now an Easy LightBoost utility -- You can turn ON/OF LightBoost via a hotkey.
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thanks smile.gif
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I'll wait and see if asus drop the price of the vg278h
because until now I'm not really sure which one to get frown.gif .
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anyone here using Samsung S27A950D with nvidia card ??
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