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4-Pin Power Distribution PCB to Fan Controller

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This may be a dumb question but I'd feel better with some clarification.

So in my new build, I will have 2 radiators, each with 6 fans. I want to connect each set of 6 fans to one channel of my fan controller. I'd like to connect the 6 fans "locally" to this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14094/ele-936/Phobya_4-Pin_Power_Distribution_PCB_6x_3-Pin_Block_81097.html#blank and then connect that guy to the fan controller using this http://www.amazon.com/3pin-power-4pin-molex-adapter/dp/B000H25PBK/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1372350299&sr=1-3&keywords=3-pin+to+molex

Will this work? Will the fan controller be able to control all the fans connected to the PCB? In the past, I always used 3-pin wiring harnesses that had multiple 3-pin connectors, but this PCB seems like it'd be a lot cleaner. I'd attached all 6 fans to the PCB, close to the radiator, and then have only 1 wire from the PCB to the fan controller, opposed to the messy 3-pin wiring hardness
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Not a dumb question.

Yes that should work fine, I've noticed similar ideas used before.

What this guy did in this build http://www.overclock.net/t/1314621/build-log-switch-to-caselabs-sth10-dual-loop-5-radiators-x79-tri-sli-680s/20#post_18392871

is that he used the distributor block and then just used a female-to-female 3 pin connector


and connected that to his fan controller. It worked awesomely
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So if I have, say 5 fans, hooked up to the distributor block, and then use that female-to-female connector in the 6th slot and put that to the fan controller, it'll essentially put those 5 fans on the fan controller channel? In that case, I would need a block with 8 connectors (assuming they don't make ones with 7 haha), 6 for my fans, and one for power
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Yeah that's correct.

Just remember to make sure that the wattage of your fans combined doesn't exceed that of the connector on the fan controller (or just use 2 blocks on 2 different fan controller channels)

If I knew about the distributor blocks before buying a bunch of y-splitters I would've done it myself smile.gif
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Thanks! and yeah, I specifically bought a new fan controller because I need more wattage. I have a 30w per channel controller now, and the radiators will have 6 yate loon medium speeds. So that's about 22 watts for each radiator/channel (yates are 3.6w I believe), which leaves enough headroom.
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Nice! Have fun - nice build in your sig lol
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Thanks, will do! If you're bored, check out my build log here. Probably be a bit inactive until August

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