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I recently purchased the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog having moved away from sims for a long time and come back. My last Hotas was a Saitek X-36. There is simply no comparison to the Warthog, it simply is the best you can buy without spending 5000 euro on a custom build setup. The feel, build, precision, smoothness, everything, is way beyond Saitek x-36, x-45, x52 pro, Logitech G940 of even TM's own Cougar. If your looking for advice on using these try the ED forums. Its the home of DCS A-10c Warthog which this HOTAS was built for.

I'm Juris over there as well and have a thread on a couple of deals and codes I found (and another updated). I'm Irish so like the OP I'm paying in Euro. My total cost (which would have been even lower using a few other cashback methods and delivery options), was 297 euro. Its still a serious price but if your serious this is serious quality and you wont regret it. They also hold their second hand price as those who use them don't abuse them and the community knows it. Enjoy.