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Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H or ASUS Z87-Plus

Poll Results: Which would you choose for a silent, SLI PC?

  • 66% (6)
    Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H
  • 22% (2)
    ASUS Z87-Plus
  • 11% (1)
    Other (in the same price range)
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Hello, my next PC will be Haswell and must :

- be very silent, i.e. fan control is very important. The case will be Fractal Design Define R4. I don't need many controllable fan headers, probably just 2 or 3, but I need them to be easy to configure.
- support 2 GTX 760s in SLI well
- provide decent overclocking capabilities

Otherwise I don't have much in terms of hard requirements. Picking a motherboard has proved very difficult, official reviews provide very few relevant details apart from meaningless benchmarks (oh look they all perform the same!), and users complain about DOAs and BSODs for just about every existing model. I'm starting to lose some serious sleep over this and my head is hurting. tongue.gif

Nonetheless, right now I've nailed it down to the following two motherboards:

Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H (190$)
ASUS Z87-Plus (180$)

The Gigabyte clearly has more features than the ASUS including debug LED which might be nice. However reading the official owner thread here has weakened my resolve, it looks like there's no really stable BIOS and the fan control utility is a pain to work with. Is my impression correct or do most people in fact do not have any issues?

The Z87-Plus has an ugly color scheme, two useless PCI slots and nothing really standing out, however it might just work and that's the most important feature after all. Surprisingly, it has been more difficult to find user opinions about this board, which could be either a good or bad thing.

Price difference between the two is 10$ and not really a factor.
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If you don't need that much fan control (i..e. 3 separate chassis fan curves) in BIOS just get the Z87X-UD3H, the fan control is the same as the Z87X-UD4H and everything else is too except the number of phases (same number of "true phases" if you don't count doubler phases according to Sin).

Fan control on Gigabyte Z87 is still far better than the Z77 ones, in which all the chassis fans had the same ramp up. rolleyes.gif



Z87X-UD4H is a far better board in terms of power delivery (using IR3553 Integrated driver+ high+low side that can handle 40A) than the Asus Z87 PLUS (using low RDS on MOSFETS) and about on par with an ASUS ROG Z87 Hero, or Extreme (using Texas Instruments' NexFETs that can handle 40A and combine high+low side mosfet).

Among the Gigabyte offerings, the Z87X-UD5H and Z87X-OC have more fan control , there's an additional setting for fans 4 and 5 so that's 4 separate chassis fan curves (same as ASUS Z87 ROG Hero or ASUS z87 PLUS).
Z87X-UD5H, ~$210:

Z87X-OC, ~$200:


Once you're in Windows it won't matter which motherboard you're using if you only have 2 chassis fans + CPU fan (or CPU fan+ OPT fan).

I think your best "safe" option is an ASUS Maximus VI Hero board for fan control. It was on sale for $200 at launch at Superbiiz. All 3 fans are decoupled and power delivery is good.

If you weren't going for SLI, the ASUS Z87 ROG Gene would be good too ~ $200.
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Thanks a lot! UD4H just looks much better than the UD3H so I can spend 10$ for that. tongue.gif The Maximus VI Hero is a bit outside my price range unfortunately although it does look like a great value.

Looks like the ASUS is out of the equation, there's just nothing great about it.

That said, there's another board for the same price as the UD4H: the MSI Z87-GD65. And I can get it in a combo deal for 30$ less. It's very much the same board except for a Killer NIC instead of Intel (honestly I prefer the Intel) and all the software and BIOS obviously is from MSI. Right now it's one of the most reviewed and best rated on newegg. What do you guys think about it?
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