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Please Help

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My current pc is having some issues. Last night when i turned it off everything was fine. This morning when i went to turn it back on nothing would appear on the screen. i turned the pc off, and tryed it again, the pc isnt posting, usually there is an audiable beep for the post, however now there is nothing. I have unpluged the 24 pin power cable, the cpu power cabled. Taken out the GPU and RAM and then re-plugged everything in. Nothing seems to be working its still not posting. There are no red lights around on my motherboard saying there are issues some where.

My pc specs are as follows.

ASUS Sabertooth p67
Intel Core i5 2500k
ASUS GTX 570 direct cu2
gskill sniper memory
Cooler master 850 silet pro
2x2tb wd green drives
500gb misc drive.

Please help this pc only has to get me through another couple of months then i can get a new one.

As i said everything was working fine last night.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Have you reset your BIOS?
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No i didnt, youd like to think that, that would have been the first thing that i tried. Il try that when i get home from work. Thanks.
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thumb.gif One step at a time!
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Thank you very much, after resetting the bios i was able to boot fine. I am typing this respons from my PC YAY.

Thanks heeps
+! REP.

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