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Originally Posted by onereactor View Post

Looks great so far man, whats the panel thingy in the 5.25?

It's a Bitfenix Hydra fan controller like MaN227 guessed cheers.gif I considered a bunch of fan controllers, but anything that has a display would be a bit awkward because of the vertical placement, so I settled on this one. Honestly, I think it was a good choice. The matte black finish blends with the case, and the lack of display makes it very clean.

I have the front two fans, the rear fan, and the pump on the fan controller. The two radiator fans are connected to the motherboard so I can manage them with software profiles.

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Some more photos. On a whim while I was shopping the Bitfenix cables I bought an InWin magnetic filter to see if I can mod it or mess with it. Well, it doesn't work out for the bottom of the case, so I stuck it on the PSU side. It doesn't really look like it will filter much of anything, as the mesh is not fine enough. So I'll leave it there for now while researching other alternatives like DEMCiflex.

Here's a closeup of the Bitfenix Hydra fan controller:

And the case with the window panel on, minus the LED lighting I want to add and my second card.
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Been looking at this case for a few days, pretty much fell in love at the first sight. Like Atokade my current build is in an FT02, which despite it being quiet, cool, and very high quality I've never really liked because it's so huge, heavy, and the covered ports on the top make it awkward to use. I also got the windowless version which I regret as I've since decided I'd like to be able to see my stuff. I've been thinking about upgrading lately as I'd really like to go to 1440p over the 1080p I have now, so when I saw the Dell u2713hm on sale for $550 ($250 off!) last night I took the plunge and ordered the 540 direct from Corsair, five 140mm Noctua fans (may not look the best, but they cool well and are quiet, and I already have a Noctua NH-D14 anyway), an EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked w/ ACX cooler, and of course that Dell u2713HM monitor. Not sure if I should have skipped out on buying fans for the top exhaust or not, but I can experiment and not use them if it's better without. All fans will be undervolted using the adapters they come with, which should keep things quiet but provide good airflow. I'm not really a water cooling type of person. It won't have any fancy lights or anything, but I can look into that once the system's all set up and usable.

Now to figure out what to do with my old case and monitor, selling online's out of the question as it'd be a pain to ship them and I don't really have room to hang onto them.
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Decided to flip on its side for a few minutes just to see how it looked. Having the motherboard horizontal is new to me but I quite liked it. Not sure if I would keep it like this all the time but I like the option. (excuse the sloppy LEDs, i had to RMA my tohers ones so its temporary just to light the inside a little)

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Originally Posted by STUNT1990 View Post

It´s all plastic

hummm, not very encouraging to see such a cheap ass button mechanics. this is EXACTLY like MANY a laptop mouse pad buttons (left and right ) click. and is a VERY common fail point, a bit too much stress and the squiggly plastic bits either themselves crack in half or the "weld" point where they attach breaks free.

if I assume correctly there is a plastic sort of housing that was removed from behind the button in this photo? if correct I hope like hell said housing will only allow a very short travel on the button itself. if not there will surely be many power buttons breaking.

is there any sort of "click" when u power on or off?

I'm not off to scour for more photos that show the back side of the power button to clarify this.

who ever brought this question up about the power button, good question mate.

a silly thing I wonder is if you can get one of those colored led caps onto the white power led to make it blue.

and speaking of the white led, how bright is it? as some can be rather blindingly bright.

my case is on schedule for the 10th , seems I ordered at exactly the wrong time with holiday and then weekend , sigh lol its only had TWO days of movement in 7 days rolleyes.gif

@newone757 as I imagined I quite like the way it looks with it "window up" placement. did u put wheels or feet on it? or what?
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Tomorrow I´ll be getting some discs for my dremel and modding a little bit this cube biggrin.gif
I have some issues with the cable management holes and I don´t like at all the bottom on the motherboard side so I´ll do something as drastical as Gleniu did xD

Originally Posted by Atokade View Post

Really? Maaaan. I got the standard 7-10 day to ship message. So that's about 2 weeks worth before they actually ship it out, and add to that ground transit time, I'm thinking 1 week if coming to Canada from the USA. But for all I know, the plates could be in a warehouse in Germany, or Hong Kong, so 2 weeks there.

I still have loads of MDPC sleeving, heatshrink, pins, etc. If I remember anything, it was how my fingertips suffered a beating from all the hard plastic edges and small bits and pieces I had to firmly grip to get it done. That, and the semi-modular PSU I broke by (foolishly) deciding I'd open it and have sleeving go inside the non-modular cables, only to break a couple of wires off the board (stupid me). I then sold the PSU on craigslist in the ruined state to someone wanting a fixer-upper project.

Good luck!

I just checked the website again and it says shipped on July 5th so it should arrive soon ^^
I bought my GPU on a local store so I didn´t pick any kind of shipping; I just followed the instructions to get a backplate with free shipping so I guess the shipping will be what they choose but I´m not worried now nowing that it has been shipped.

I don´t have a problem with melted plastic, I manage to do it without burning myself too much xD
The problem I have is only with the 24, eps and gpu cables as the pinout on my PSU is perfect for a twister themed build xD but I´ll keep using MDPC for my custom length cables in all the other ones (fan, 4 pin molex, sata power, usb and.. I think that´s all xD)
I still don´t know what will I do with those 3 cables..

@MaN277: Ops, I didn´t saw your post
The piece on the picture is the front panel of the case just poeped out, those are the back side of the plastic buttons.
I´ll turn my computer off to let you know about the switch itself and about the sound as I haven´t really stared on that.
About the leds; they are both white and not too bright, I guess you could use some of those caps but you would also replace the leds and get a better result and the bright you desire.

Both reset and power switch are the same
There´s a licky noise when pushing it and anotherone when you release it.
it makes the same noise when pressing it directly and when you use the plastic button on the case.
My brother has a 800D and it seems to have the same plastic spring ont he button but this feels more solid and it doesn´t feel like it´s going to break (the power button on my brother´s 800D came broken by default)

Here a couple of pictures from my review on this case where you can see the switches and leds are easy to replace in case you want something diferent

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Originally Posted by Atokade View Post

Like many of you I ordered the case last week from Corsair, with relatively quick shipping to Canada.

I don't have all my components yet but I couldn't wait to start and replace my aging 2009 Silverstone FT02 build I had under my desk with something smaller and newer. Last time around I actually went the whole MDPC kit, sleeved my PSU and cables etc. It was rewarding, but time consuming. I'm too lazy now, especially with $6-$8 Bitfenix extensions, so I went the white route.

I'm still missing my second EVGA GTX770, an NZXT Hue and Bitfenix orange 8-pin PCIe cables for the cards. Also should be getting backplates for the GPUs in a few weeks. The PSU side is, like most of you, relatively messy. But that's not what's for show, right? thumb.gif The first time I finished up and laid the window side on, it was shockingly clear and with little light in the evening/at night it looked like I hadn't installed the window panel at all.


is that corsair h110? if yes, can you do push/pull without issues?
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Originally Posted by MaN227 View Post

@newone757 as I imagined I quite like the way it looks with it "window up" placement. did u put wheels or feet on it? or what?

Yes I like looking down on it as well. Ill just keep it like this until I get tired of it.

At first I didnt have anything underneath it because there is good space between the psu and the side panel not to choke it and air should come in through the back grates. But I couldn't help but be paranoid since i dont have anything to monitor PSU temps so I just set it on 4 megablocks from the kid's room lol. they are far enough under that you cant see them unless you deliberately look under, at normal viewing angles it just floats
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Hehe I assumed a fan contoller but just wanted to know which one cause your right that matches the case very well. This Lamptron FC9 I found would probably be pretty cool looking too.

And newone757 I like the idea of laying it on its side to I thought that would look pretty cool myself and it does! I can't do it because I'm going to be adding a lot of water cooling stuff but if I wasn't it would certainly consider it! You know if you just turned the sticker sideways it would look like its made to be like that.
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Could someone possible take a picture of the backside compartment wall under the 5.25 bays, but the entire view so I can judge how much room I have for reservoirs and pumps if any against that wall?Snorkle.gif
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