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So today I decided to overclock my Toshiba L855-15u (-_- yes I know, stupid me decided to overclock a damn laptop)
The laptop is always at 40C when idle and generally around 60C while gaming.(after overclocked)
So I installed MSI Afterburner and enabled overclocking. I overclocked the gpu incrementally (gradually raised the core clock speed to 100mhz more) and checked for any artefacts.
Although there was no artefacts or crashes while checking them on MSI Kombuster and Unigine Valley, after 5 minutes into GTA IV my gpu crashed.
The screen was reset and the screen was black and had random bars. So what I decided was to reset the MSI Afterburner(games crashed), uninstall MSI afterburner(games crashed), and reinstall my AMD driver in case it was affected.
I tried playing GTA IV after reintalling my drivers but again after 30 mins it crashed with my screen going crazy(random bars,artefacts)

Please help :/